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Band Saw & Scroll Saw Blades

Woodline USA has the most reliable high performance band saw and scroll saw blades you'll ever use!

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blades


-Made from high silicon, low carbon steel, Timber Wolf bandsaw blades run cooler and last longer.

-Milled teeth make them ideal for resawing thick stock because Timber Wolf blades are true tracking and DO NOT WANDER.

-Run under low tension, and thus require less horsepower from your band saw.

-These blades produce a thin kerf and can make remarkably tight turns.

-The weld on these blades is warranted.

Click for How to Tune your Bandsaw

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Woodline USA offers scroll saw blades that cut faster, easier, and will not burn the wood.

Exclusive tooth-and-gullet design!

Once you try these extraordinary scroll saw blades, you'll be "hooked" forever. Experience smooth, trouble-free cutting through even the thickest of hardwoods and you'll see why these blades are supreme.

No drifting!

Some blade manufacturers do not "set" their saw-teeth,while others set the teeth only one way. We set our teeth both ways, and also insert a raker tooth to ensure perfect tracking and clean cuts every time.

Bandsaw Table Inserts bandsaw
Band Saw Table Inserts
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Timberwolf™ Band Saw Blades
Timberwolf™ Band Saw Blades
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UltraMag™ Fence
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PS Wood Scroll Saw Blades
PS Wood Scroll Saw Blades
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