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Route-R-Joint™ Precision Dovetail Joinery System
Route-R-Joint™ Precision Dovetail Joinery System

Make high precision joints for drawers, boxes and furniture easier then before with the new Woodline USA Route-R-Joint™ System. Half blind, Through, Keys, and even Heart shaped dovetails are simple to create using the new Route-R-Joint™ system.

Interchangeable guide templates allow switching from dovetails to heart shaped joints in less time than takes to change a router bit. Amateurs, children and professional woodworkers will enjoy the ease of use, safety and simplicity of the Route-R-Joint™ Dovetail System.

No more complicated setups, no having to re-learn complex setups after a few days out of the shop. Just put the bit in the jig and PRESTO! Perfect Joints Every Time.

Basic Route-R-Joint system™ contains the following components:

Note: System comes with NDS (New Heart/New Wave) and LPS (Locks/Pin & Crescent) double-sided templates.

  • 2  End Blocks
  • 1  Position Guide Block
  • 1  Aluminum Center Plate
  • 4  T-Bolts
  • 4  Knobs
  • 2  Star Knobs
  • 1  Aluminum Angle
  • 1  Plywood Subplate
  • 1  Cross Bar extrusion
  • 1  Slip Bushing
  • 1  Standard Bushing
  • 1  O-ring for bushing
  • 8  #8-32 1" Flat Head Screws
  • 8  #8-32 Nuts
  • 8  #8 Lock Washers
  • 3  #8 Pan Head Screws
  • 2  No Slip Sandpaper strip
  • 1  3/16" Spiral Bit WL-1002S-ES
  • Route-R-Joint Instructional DVD
Total Route-R-Joint™ system contains all of the above + ALL templates.
Click here for instructional information

Having the best equipment available ensures that any woodworking project is done well and built to last.
With the Woodline Route-R-Joint dovetail joinery system, woodworkers can craft high-precision joints for a wide range of drawers, boxes and pieces of furniture easier than ever before.
The Route-R-Joint system ensures that woodworkers can create half-blind, through, keys and heart-shaped dovetails with precision and without difficulty.
With interchangeable guide templates, workers are able to switch from dovetails to heart-shaped joints in a matter of seconds. 

This easy-to-use, high-performance joinery system is ideal for woodworkers of any skill level. The Route-R-Joint joinery system features  a 3/16-inch spiral bit . 

Along with the bit, the system also includes the instructional DVD, two end blocks, a position guide block, an aluminum center plate, four T-bolts, four knobs, an aluminum angle, bushings and two no-slip sandpaper strips. 

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Basic Route-R-Joint™ System Price: $139.00 
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Total Route-R-Joint™ System Price: $299.00 
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1. KENNETH on 7/25/2012, said:

I am a novice woodworker and couldn't seem to master the traditional dovetail template. On a recommendation from a friend, I purchased this kit. I found the kit easy to set-up, use and produce quality dovetails. Best part is the customer service. While learning to use the kit, I managed to goof up one of the templates and a brass bushing. Customer service sent me a replacement with no problems whatsoever. I would definitely purchase from this company again and again based solely on the customer service alone.
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2. Doug on 5/30/2012, said:

I bought a competitors system first and could never make it work. Then I bought this one and it works perfect. It work perfectly out of the box. They also have the best technical service out there when I did need help with one of the joints.
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3. Fred on 12/21/2009, said:

I bought the system 2 years ago but it was not until about three weeks ago I took it out of the box. Needed to update my table and router before wasting my time. I watched the video and decided to PLAY. Bought some scrape wood and started learning. To learn you need scrape wood, patients and a pencil. It is important to mark the “In” or “OUT” side and the reference sides. DO not do as I did and start with scrape drawer mater that already has been cut for the bottom –that just created confusion. But I got it. It takes practice – it is not an out of the box system but anything that is good is not either. SO practice, make mistakes and learn. I am now making my own drawers for my cabinets with surprisingly positive results. Again take the time to practice first and make notes. Fred
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4. Paul on 11/23/2009, said:

This product is pure genius. You can make boxes quickly, simply and perfect everytime. Like any word working tool or project, practice always makes perfect, but this system practically makes the joints automatically. The DVD is a must, because the techniques that are shown, while simple, must be viewed at least once to really understand the concept. But once you've watched it, even woodworkers with beginner skills can quickly pickup the tricks and techniques and enjoy making wonderful projects. The spacers and fences make the system practically fool proof. I bought this at a woodworker show, and while I was impressed by the demonstration and also by using the project myself, the only complaint I have is that someone forgot to tell me about the 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 spiral bits were not included to make simple box joints. The kit came with a 3/16 bit for the fancy joints. It would have been nice to either sell the bits at the show or include them in th
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5. Barry on 1/19/2009, said:

Highly recommend! I have been using the Route-R-Joint kit since May 2008, and am able to make beautiful, perfect half blind dovetail joints to within .0015 inch gap between tails and pins,.using a feeler gauge from an auto supply store to measure. It’s a great jig for making drawers and boxes. I use it on my router table which has a Porter Cable 7518 3.25 hp router and a Woodpecker precision router lift. Yes, it does take a bit of practice to master. All dovetail jigs take time to learn – even if you buy a Leigh or Omnijig, it takes time to learn how to make a good joint. It may be difficult to learn how to get your bit height set correctly, which is where a router lift comes in handy – gaps in pins and tails are solely dependent on bit height and have nothing to do with the jig itself. This is true for all half blind dovetail jigs, whether the router table type or the hand held router type and no matter how much money you spend – even the most expensive jigs have a learning curve. The great thing about this kit, it comes with many templates, and they are quite economical. If you want perfect dovetail joints every time from the first piece of wood then your only other alternative is a CNC machine or a high production 3 thousand dollar dovetail machine, and with a machine, the joints will look like they came from a machine, instead of hand crafted. Some folks don’t have the patience or time to do dovetail work, if that’s the case, then just buy a drawer lock or 45 degree lock miter router bit for your joints instead.
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