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Woodworking Tools

Woodline woodworking tools are easy to manage, handy and made out of quality materials.
The tools that allow precise, creative woodworking include bits, planes, mallets and shape cutters. The sets of router bits include straight, trim and spiral bits. There are also door, window and cabinet bits specifically designed for those projects, and there is a set of plantation bits that allows for the creation of that style of shutters. Straight bits are best used to hollow out an area for an inlay, while joinery bits are used to create precise joints.

Other basic woodworking tools are available, including clamps which hold pieces in place while the woodworker makes the desired cuts and grooves. After the wood is in place on the clamp, the application of bits, shape cutters, rosette cutters and other cutting tools is considerably safer and more straightforward. The shape cutters allow the creation of ridges and other effects, molding bits trim edges into soft curves and rosette cutters allow for the easy imprinting of simple rosette designs. The multi-molding bit can help woodworkers create an array of designs without the aid of any other bits. Setup blocks allow an extra degree of precision for carefully measured bit and shaper use. An expansive selection of accessories includes brass pins, countersinks, drill bits and many other useful and decorative objects. There are also informative DVDs on topics like cabinet woodworking, which give step-by-step instructions intelligible to even the most inexperienced woodworker.

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