Easy enough for the beginner and accurate enough for the pro, the Pocket-Pro™ is the world’s most versatile pocket hole jig. For fast, easy and accurate cabinet & furniture construction, this new system allows you to make rock-solid pocket hole joints in stock 1/2" to 1-5/8” thick with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The heart of the Pocket-Pro™ system is the unique molded jig, which features hardened drill bushings and an interlocking two-piece design. Sliding the jig up or down enables you to adjust the stock thickness in preset 1/16” increments without test joints or measurements! If you have used other pocket hole jigs you will be familiar with many joint applications, but you will benefit from many Pocket-Pro™ system advantages. For example:
  • Some jigs require adding or removing various parts of the jig to join different  stock thicknesses. With the Pocket-Pro™ system you simply have to adjust the interlocking jig up or down for the full range of joints-1/2” to 1-5/8” thick.
  • Other jigs require frequent repositioning of the depth stop collar for different joint-styles. CMT’s Pocket-Pro™ joinery system allows you to make most of the adjustments leaving the stop collar in the same position.
  • Plus, with CMT’s Pocket-Pro™ system you can quickly adjust the location of the pocket in relation to the end of your workpiece to create a stronger joint by using longer screws, or to leave more “meat” in the joint.
The Pocket-Pro™ starter set includes the two-piece molded jig, toggle clamp, 3/8" step drill bit, stop collar, 2 driver bits and sample screws.


$13.95 $102.00

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