Our most frequently asked question:  Why did you make it out of plastic?  Answer: We did choose to make it from HDPE for the simple reason that if you ever make the mistake of lifting the router before it has stopped (You would never!), would you rather pay $20.95 for a replacement plate or own a destroyed $99+ aluminum version?

This pivot plate and bushing replacement fits ALL versions of the DadoRight™.


DadoRight™ Replacement Plate

DadoRight™ Replacement Parts

$15.00 $38.00


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  • I have a Grizzly track saw. Do you offer an dadoright jig that can use this system?

    We do not currently have that item but are certainly willing to make one for you.  We would need a set of accurate dimensions from you.  Please also understand that the DadoRight™ will work off the back side of your track.  Please contact us if you need additional information.  We are available M-F 8-4 Central Time at 800-472-6950.

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