Dovetail joints are incredibly versatile and mechanically strong. Make sliding dovetails, half-blind dovetails, through dovetails, etc. The 8° dovetails are used for through dovetails while 14° dovetails are commonly used for half-blind dovetails. Dovetails are perfect for making strong drawer joints, utility and decorative boxes, fine furniture, and more. If you already own a dovetail jig, check the owner's manual for the correct dimensions of the bits. Many jigs require extended shanks in order to operate properly.

Shop tips: Two passes are recommended when routing dovetails with a template. Check that the dovetails have been cut through completely and smoothly before removing the template.  For even easier routing and less stress on the dovetail bit, run the first pass with a straight bit equal to the narrow size of the dovetail. Use a dovetail on your router table equipped with a fence to achieve difficult chamfer angles.

Safety tips: If a dovetail bit jams while working, adjust the position of the bit in the collet and make sure the cutting depth is correct. Do not lift the router out of the template.


Woodline manufactures and sells only quality carbide tipped and solid carbide router bits backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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