V Groove & Lettering

Rout clean, sharp veins in panels or drawer fronts, chamfer edges or engrave beautiful lettering. For almost any bevel job, V-Grooving Bits are a great choice. We also have bits with bearings that let you follow whatever template you choose. There are double cutting edge bits that have been especially designed for routing and jointing 90° plasterboard panels but offer you many woodworking possibilities: clean, perfect incisions in panels or drawer fronts, chamfer edges or engraving beautiful lettering. The 3-flute bits make delicate grooves and incisions with laser precision. Make subtle effects by running the 60° bevel edges. Perfectly balanced to give you superior accuracy with no risk of burning. Raise them to produce delicate fine incisions or work the whole 1/2” diameter to render bold highlighted lettering. Our 2D/3D carving bits for CNC work in many types of materials will deliver professional performance.


Woodline manufactures and sells only quality carbide tipped and solid carbide router bits backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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