These are replacements/additions that work with our Route-R-Joint System. They do not work independently of the fixture.

Make high-precision joints for drawers, boxes, and furniture easier than ever with the Woodline USA Route-R-Joint System.  Keys, Arrows, and even Heart-shaped dovetails are simple to create using the new Route-R-Joint system.

Interchangeable guide templates allow switching shapes in less time than takes to change a router bit. From amateur woodworkers to skilled professional craftsmen will appreciate and enjoy the simplicity of use, safety, and ease of the Route-R-Joint System.

No complicated setups, no re-learning complicated setups. Simply put the bit in the jig and PRESTO! Perfect Joints Every Time.





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  • I own the Route-R-Joint system, but am having trouble using with 3/8" wood, as all the template cuts are larger than that. Do you have any smaller templates, or am I doing something wrong?

    The minimum thickness will vary with the joint selected. If a joint is desired to be half blind then the board cut vertically must be large enough to conceal the joint. An example of this is the Heart Joint. The piece cut lying down can be as thin as veneer but the piece cut using the vertical fence must be ¾” thick to completely enclose the joint.  The height of the joint profile with determine the necessary thickness for a half blind joint.  
    A variety of very attractive joints can be made by varying the wood thickness and the depth of cut. By raising the bit higher than the wood thickness when cutting the end of a vertical board, the resulting joint will set deeper in the cut than if it was flush. This can be used to make an attractive “sculpted” joint and when sanded with a flexible mop sander can produce a very unique and desirable look. Using wood that is to thin to fully conceal the joint will result in the tail of the joint protruding through the mating board. We call this three dimensional joinery. The piece extending can be sanded or “sculpted” or cut off to form an almost unlimited variety of joints.

  • I have not used my templates in awhile and I am wondering what bushing I use for each template.

    For fancy dovetails, start with the standard bushing.  If joints are too tight, switch to Slip or Super Slip as needed.

  • Using 3/4" wood for pattern dovetails hearts and other patterns? On your DVD-PN-267-2, there is a comment about using only 3/8" wood with some of your dovetail patterns. I want to make a box to hold family photo albums (no lid) and use 3/4" oak. I'd like use one of your dovetail pattern bits, perhaps the heart, or one that came with the whole package. Can I use 3/4" wood with your various pattern dovetail bits? Frank Sobol, Eugene, OR

    The only time you would want to use 3/8" wood would be for the "male" pieces.  You can certainly use 3/4" wood on the entire project with no issues.

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