Use our DadoRight™ jig and your router for the simplest way to make perfect-fitting dados and grooves every time.  The system uses a pivoting base plate and a router. One side of the movement is limited by a fixed stop, and the other side is controlled by an adjustable set plate. Perfect dado, whether undersized or metric or inches, is easily made by positioning the set plate using the actual material as the measurement, then moving the DadoRight™ along a guide clamp (not included) while simultaneously holding the router against the fixed stop. At the end of the first cut, the router is pivoted against the set plate and drawn back towards the operator. The travel of the DadoRight™ is controlled, and no matter how many passes are used to clean the cut, the final product is a great fit simply and easily.  A 1″ guide bushing is included with the DadoRight™.  Fits most brands of clamps.  If you already have the Festool™ or TrueTrac™ System, we have a version just for you!

Our most frequently asked question:  Why did you make it out of plastic?  Answer: We chose to make it from HDPE for the simple reason that if you ever make the mistake of lifting the router before it has stopped (You would never!), would you rather pay $18.95 for a replacement plate or own a destroyed $99+ aluminum version?

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  • I read the instructions. Does Festool model work off the backside of extrusion? I believe it does based on instructions but want to make sure before using. Thanks

    Yes. As the photos show, you will be using the backside of the extrusion for the DadoRight.

  • Will this work on my progrip clamps?

    The DRC version of the DadoRight works with ProGrip and most other clamps of this style due to the adjustability of the mounting assembly.

  • Will the DadoRight™ Size:DRC DadoRight™ Dado Jig SKU:DRC fit my older Tru grip giudes? they are 2 1/8" wide.

    We have reconfigured the jig to make it more universal. It fits on all of the clamps that we have collected over the years. If it should not work for yours, we will work with you to make it work or you are always welcome to return it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Barry C.
Works as advertised

Great product that simplified the building of tv console.


Dave was very helpful in adapting the DadoRight to my Wen track saw track. The jig works GREAT on my track now. Thanks!

Stephen B.
I don't think I could do this project without it.

I'm building a massive shelf system for the wife. I've selected the lumber and there isn't 2 boards the same thickness. Each dado will have to be measured and location marked.

After setting up the DADORIGHT and a few practice runs, I dialed in for perfect dados every time. I love it! Don't forget to let the tool stop rotating before pulling the router out of the fixture. OOPS.

Larry C.

Very easy to use ,work's as advertised.

Dave Deed
Worked Great

Worked right out of the box. Great tool!

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