There are numerous joints that can be made with the Woodline USA Spacer Fence System.  Box joints with no limitation on the length of the project. Stock can be as thick as 1-1/4”.  The Spacer Fence System also allows you to make combination joints, rabbets and dados.

Includes: 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" Plates, 3 brass bars, DVD and mounting hardware.

Optional bit kits include:

  • WL-1003S (1/4" shank) or WL-1003S.5  (1/2" shank)
  • WL-1022S 3/8" UP Spiral
  • WL-1025S 1/2" UP Spiral
  • WL-1312 14° x 3/4" Dovetail
  • WL-1314 14° x 1/2" Dovetail



SFS  Spacer Fence System - basic kit no bits included




Ask a Question
  • Does it matter how or what angle I mount the plate to the table?

    Even though the DVD tells you to drill holes in your table, any method of securing the plates safely to your table will work.  The angle does not make a difference.  You should just remember to keep the clamping method away from your workpiece.

  • What do you get when ordering spacer fence system for $35.00. All three sizes or only one size

    The Spacer Fence System with all three plates and accessories is the $129 item. The $35 parts are replacements for those who may have damaged or misplaced the plates from their original system.

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