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Woodworking Tools You Must Own

 Many beginning woodworkers make the mistake of thinking they must have the latest in fancy tools. The truth is that most tools make the work easier but it is the talent of the craftsperson that produces the end result. Incredible things can be crafted with a simple knife and beautiful works of art created with minimal tools. However, there are a few things that will make your life a lot easier when beginning woodworking. Below is a list in the suggested order of acquisition. These suggestions are based on the desire...

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Novice/Beginners Guide to Router Bits Continued

router bit spiral

The best material for a router bit?

 To start with this is a tricky question. The material at the tip of a router bit does have bearing on how it will perform. In our case, all carbide-tipped or solid carbide router bits are C3 or C4 carbide depending on the application. We also make very limited steel-only router bits for certain markets. PCB router bits are what are referred to as diamond router bits.

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A Beginners Guide to the Many Designs and Shapes of Router Bits.

Novice/Beginners Guide to Router Bits

Router bits come in many sizes and shapes and their uses vary depending on the application. So the first question we get is what bits will I need to get started after getting my router.  This is a very personal question because all of us go in a different direction when choosing our woodworking paths. Some of us will go for furniture while others make toys and gadgets. The following is here to explain the basic routers and what they do.


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Summer for the Woodworking Warrior

There are plenty of projects to keep most of us busy through the summer months and I’m not talking about mowing the grass. This time of year we like to plant gardens and repair things after a long winter. Planters are an excellent summer project that can be made in many ways. Use router bits, shaper cutters, or your table saw to produce many different shapes and designs

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Covid-19 and Woodworking

The recent months have been trying for many of us. Stuck at home and at first not sure what to do. After the first couple of weeks, many of you turned to the shop to help pass the time, possibly at the urging of your quarantine partners. The shop is an area that lets us be free and creative and feel a sense of accomplishment. Woodline has remained semi-open during this period in order to serve your needs with people working from home and the office. We will continue to do this for the coming months until we can ensure...

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Woodline manufactures and sells only quality carbide tipped and solid carbide router bits backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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