Rail & Stile

Two piece rail & stile sets give you two complete bits, one for doing the rail cuts, one for the stiles. Make cabinet doors and all varieties of frame-and-panel assemblies for furniture and architectural applications.

One piece bits don't need to be taken apart, reversed, or have parts swapped, just raise and lower bit in your router table to change cuts. Or make it even easier by using a 3/8″ thick sled to raise the material to the correct height for a perfect match. Rail end is cut face up and edge is cut face down.

Style and panel bits are designed to give the appearance of a raised panel door in MDF or solid panels. One pass is all that is needed for a simple raised panel look using one of the plunge form profiles.

Miter frame bits create a custom cabinet shop look. With these profiles and a mitered corner you can make stunning door or picture frames. 


Woodline manufactures and sells only quality carbide tipped and solid carbide router bits backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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