Many of the popular accessories to keep your Route-R-Joint running perfectly.

If you have the old (single-sided) templates, knobs may need to be replaced with 1/4-20 nuts to avoid interference with the upgrade.  It will not be needed on all templates.  Some modifications may need to be made if you own the import knock-off of the Route-R-Joint.


Hold Down Upgrade - NOTE: Requires Aluminum Center Plate (RJCP) on older versions


£1.00 £10.00


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  • How long does it take to get a custom adapter?

    Turnaround time for custom adapters is anywhere from one to three weeks from receipt of your measurements.

  • Are the spirals carbide or steel?

    We only sell solid carbide spiral bits.  For the Route-R-Joint, you need the 3/16" extended shank bit, WL-1002SES.

  • Will the upgrade fit your competitors knockoffs? They all still use the cumbersome clamp model.

    While we do not guarantee that it will fit, many users have added this to their outdated copies the jig.

  • What is the difference in the slip and the superslip bushings?

    For hearts, keys and the pins of through dovetails use either the “Standard” bushing or the slightly (.005”) smaller “Slip” bushing if a slightly looser fit is desired. Many applications with some difficult woods or complex patterns such as the locks, the Slip bushing is preferred because it is easier to assemble the completed joint without
    chipping or splintering the material. The variation in individual router performance makes it impossible to say that you always use one bushing versus another. Use the slip bushing if your joints are too tight with the standard bushing. If they are still too tight, move to the Super Slip which is again slightly smaller than the Slip.

  • I have an old verswion of the Route R Joint package that I wanted to start into again. I got out my dvd which has .bup, .ifo and .vob files. But none of them seem to autostart to view the dvd. Ok, probably a stupid question, but how do I get my dvd to run?

    All of the dvd info is available online:

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
unheard of service

The staff answered all of my questions and even gave me suggestions to overcome my concerns about a project I was working on. This was before any purchase were forth coming.

Ralph M.
Can't find in any store

Used and done with my prodject. No prblems what so ever

Stephen M.
you still had the parts

I bought it in the ninety's and had never used it before. After moving many times for work it was time and not all the parts were here so thank you for still carrying it. After trying your tape trick things are coming out much better. Thanks again

Robert W.
Missing part

I was missing a part and couldn't find it on the website. The person I spoke to was extremely helpful in identifying the part and getting it in the mail

Bill H.
3/8 down spiral bit

It was beautiful! Just like the demonstrator at the craft show 13 years ago! Thank you for patiently explaining and helping me!

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