A woodworking clock is a lovely decorative piece for any home, and a wooden gear clock kit makes it possible to build a custom-designed woodworking clock for the home. Not only does a home-built, custom, wooden gear clock accessorize any home, but it also shows off one's woodworking skills to friends and families. Additional hardware kits are also available in case the woodworker wishes to build more woodworking clocks.

With a wide selection of options, it is possible for anyone, from beginners to advanced woodworkers, to build woodworking clocks tailored to individual skill levels. The use of extra options and accessories can make the project as complicated or as simple as the builder wishes. The deluxe kit comes with a pin router accessory as well as full-size templates, hardware kit, spiral bit and a CD and DVD containing a full set of instructions. The hardware kit includes brass screws, long bolts and nuts, string, a brass rod, and a bearing rod. With a router and the included pin router accessory, the builder can then use the full-size templates to cut out the design of his or her choice. With a wide variety of options and possibilities, a wooden gear clock is an ideal way to showcase woodworking skills while at the same time creating a unique decoration.

Clock Templates, Hardware, Instructions & Bit only - No wood or Pin Router




Ask a Question
  • Can I use my own plywood for the gears?

    The plywood that we feature for the clock is not the standard plywood from the home stores.  It is made to marine grade standards.  This helps minimize warping.

  • Do I need a lathe to make this clock?

    Yes and no.  If you follow the instructions, you will need a lathe to make the specified sized rods.  Without a lathe, you will need to resize in the appropriate places to accommodate standard sized dowels.

  • Does the frame have to look like what is in the photo or can I shape it differently? The shape of the frame in the photo is not very appealing to my taste.

    You are free to do what you wish with the frame.  Many examples of our customers' creations are available at the end of our instructions.


    If you read through the instructions, it will tell you which areas are mandatory to make the clock operate and where you can get creative.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent kit and instructions.

The kit is very good and quite clear in its instructions. Will definitely buy from you again.

Gene M.
Excellent. Having fun cutting the gears .

Very easy . I really liked working with the templates.

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