Covid-19 and Woodworking

The recent months have been trying for many of us. Stuck at home and at first not sure what to do. After the first couple of weeks, many of you turned to the shop to help pass the time, possibly at the urging of your quarantine partners. The shop is an area that lets us be free and creative and feel a sense of accomplishment. Woodline has remained semi-open during this period in order to serve your needs with people working from home and the office. We will continue to do this for the coming months until we can ensure employee safety. We strive to get you the best service we can during this time, but there have been some hiccups. Shipping services have slowed, adding sometimes days to deliveries. We are also limited to the number of people in the office. This means some days we don’t get all the packages out.

 On a more positive note, it’s been great to see all your project pictures pouring into our email. Like many of us here at Woodline, many of you have restarted projects long put on the back burner. The number of people making boxes again or the first time with the Route-R-Joint has been incredible. Please keep the pictures coming to Another project we have seen a big jump in is the bowl and tray projects with so many of you putting your own spin on our designs.  Based on your requests (some cases demands) nearly every state is now available. By starting and finishing these projects you have discovered your love of woodworking all over again. We like hearing the stories of getting the kids out in the shop. At this time it is important to keep them engaged in some mental and physical activity that doesn’t revolve around a screen of any kind and that can be tough. 

To our woodworking professionals, keep up the hard work during this time. It seems to be hit or miss on whether work is continuing as usual or not but we will be here, either way, to help to support your endeavors. To finish up, we would like you all to remain safe during these trying times and to continue to enjoy the hobby/passion/occupation of woodworking even after this emergency is behind us.

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  • James Smith on

    Be safe and a nice message.

  • john tucker on

    Glad to see you all doing well. Keep up the good work.

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