Router Bits

We specialize in carbide-tipped or solid carbide bits, and as any good woodworker knows, the right router bit makes a major impact in the quality and look of the finished product. It can make the difference between a fair project and a beautiful one. If one looks at woodworking as an art, then the router bit is an extension of the artist's hand, which makes the correct bit a must. At Woodline USA, we have thousands of different router bits are available, all with their own unique purposes. Additionally we have a large selection of router bit sets to meet every need. To choose the right router bit, it is important to start by looking at the most common types of bits. Remember you can always call or email us if you can't find what you are looking for or if you need additional help.

joinery bits

Joinery Bits - Joinery bits allow the builder to join two separate materials together. Creating a quality joint is vitally important to any project and is just as important as the strength of the joint itself. A wide variety of shapes and sizes allows the builder to choose which method and technique to use for creating great looking joints. Size, shape and style are the key features to look for when selecting a joinery bit for a specific project.View our complete selection of joinery bits.

straight bitsStraight Router Bits - Straight router bits are a must for everyone creating grooves or just simple straight down cuts with a router. They are very common bits for use in woodworking projects. As a result, there is a very wide selection of straight router bits available through Woodline. Head shape is the primary feature to look at when selecting a straight router bit and depends on the need of project.

chamfer bits

Chamfer Router Bits - Chamfer router bits are used for cutting shapes and angles on the edges of material making them ideal for creating decorative pieces. They are also very important in the construction of perfectly aligned, multi-sided containers, boxes and other decorative objects. Angle, size and dimensions are very important when selecting a chamfer router bit for creating a specific shape or edge. Woodline carries a wide selection of chamfer bits.

flush trim bitsFlush Trim Bits - Flush trim bits, as the name implies, are used to create flush edges for two materials. They allow for quicker chip clearance for those situations in which speedy cutting is required. Diameter and cutting length are the two primary criteria used in selecting flush trim bits. And we've got a large selection of flush trim bits.

There are many other types of router bits but these basic 4 types will be enough for most projects and allow you to do excellent work.

Another factor in choosing the right bit is the shank diameter.
Shanks come in both 1/4" and 1/2" diameters, the larger of the two will most commonly give you smoother cuts while minimizing vibration and are much sturdier. For basic woodworking projects, a 1/4" shank will serve you well but, 1/2" bits are usually a better option with more choices.

A few tips for improving your woodworking skills

* Make shallow passes - it's tempting to make your cuts with one pass but taking the time to make multiple shallow cuts slowly will result in much better results. In general, never cut more than half the bit diameter in one pass.

* Wet your hardwoods - working with many hardwoods will result in chipping and splintering of the wood. The easy solution is to wet down your wood, this will make it a bit softer and you'll find your cuts will be smoother.

Woodworking is a fine craft that takes time to perfect. Part of this process is learning more about what router bits you prefer to work with and which ones meet your needs on a project by project basis. If you have any questions the experts at Woodline USA are always happy to help - just contact us.

Woodline manufactures and sells only quality carbide tipped and solid carbide router bits backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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