Bowl & Tray Templates

Woodline USA's bowl and tray templates are 12" square or 12" by 18" rectangle MDF templates used in conjunction with router bits to allow you to create serving trays, plates, bowls, etc. for every occasion.
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We have a wide variety of quality bowl and tray templates available that are used in conjunction with a complete line of durable bits to expertly create and craft all kinds of practical items, such as plates, bowls, serving trays, cutting boards, etc. We also have rugged collet extenders that are ideal for deeper plunging and the capability to craft larger, deeper bowls and other items. With the proper bowl and tray templates, any woodworker can create the items they want with relative ease. You can find bowl and tray templates in nearly every conceivable form, including hearts, butterflies, traditional chip trays, diamonds, loaf, ovals, shamrocks, and more. You may even email us a suggestion for a particular shape. If it works well for production, we'll add it to the fleet.

● DO make it easy on yourself by using a router table with the bowl upside down to keep your project flat and avoid using the “spanner” handheld method.
● DO keep detail on the inside smooth for easy cleaning.
● DO feel free to get as detailed as you choose on the outside.
● DO get creative with your scraps for added detail as we did on the Candy Cane & Turtle.
● DO feel free to make the outside rim as thick or thin as you choose, even making handles if you like.
● DO personalize with an inlay in the bottom layer. (Maybe your Firehouse # in the center of the Fire Shield?)
● DO use a sanding mop to make for easy finishing.
● DO use a salad bowl finish if you plan to use with edibles.

Woodline manufactures and sells only quality carbide tipped and solid carbide router bits backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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