Roundover & Beading

Roundover bits create flush decorative edges perfect for table, drawer or cabinet edges and for small finish moldings.  Roundovers are also called quarter rounds and they apply a convex radius edge. By substituting a smaller 3/8" bearing (791.002.00) an inset at the base of the cut produces a more decorative step.  Replacement bearing for roundover bits is 791.003.00.

Plunging Roundovers (Ovolo) are ideal for furniture makers. Use the plunging feature to create unusual grooves and veins, or use as a roundover bit for clean roundover and bead edges. Because they have no bearings, these bits should be used with a router edge guide, a router table with fence or in CNC applications.

Double Roundovers have a center guide bearing allowing you to round over both sides of material in one pass. The eased edge is perfect for stair treads, table edges, shelves, children's toys, etc.