Solid carbide spiral-flute bits combine a shearing action for fine finish cutting with an augering action for enhanced chip clearance. 

The ‘Up-Cut’ shears from the bottom up, pulling chips toward the shank, allowing deeper penetration with less stress on the tool. It is an excellent choice for dadoes and mortises. The ‘Down-Cut’ (not used in a table router) cuts away from the shank, leaving a smooth edge at the surface for laminate, veneer or inlay applications. The ‘Compression’ spirals are a combination of up and down shear flutes to eliminate chipping on both sides of laminated materials of double-sided veneers.

Special unique carbide grade, increased clearance geometry and razor-sharp cutting
edges with polished flutes, provide a superior finish and longer tool life, especially in
abrasive materials. Great for production settings and excellent for creating grooves
and dado cuts in softwood, hardwood, plywood and composite materials. Often used on CNC machines, they can be used with handheld and table-mounted routers. Due to the fragile nature of solid carbide products, these bits are not warranted against breakage.