3 in 1 flush trim bits with Delrin® triangular bearings are your best partner for laminate trimming. In fact, they solve 3 of the most common problems that occur in flush trimming in cabinet shops.
  1. The anti-stick properties of the Delrin® bearing greatly reduce the likelihood of freezing of the bearing from glue. 
  2. The extended guide surface of the new Delrin® bearing will perfectly match the work surface without scratching as a steel bearing would. The Delrin® bearing also guarantees maximum stability. 
  3. The shear angle cutting edge reduces the need for filing. These 3 in 1 bits are ideal on plastic laminates as well as aluminum laminates! 
3-in-1 bits are ideal on plastic laminates, as well as on aluminum laminates! Carbide tipped.

The bearing is patented. Patent no. D628,218.
-Extended guide surface.
-Non-scratch surface.


$20.85 $32.85


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  • Your diagram only shows it being used with the bearing on the raw edge, can it be used on the end of a countertop to trim the extra end cap material and how much material is left to smooth out with a file? I've used a similar bit and could not get it adjusted so that it did not eat into the surface laminate of the countertop.

    Yes it can be used on two finished edges.  The bit tapers at 3 degree angle.  You set the bearing close to your material to be cut to give you a finished edge to help elimanite filing.

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