These two flute bits are designed with a long lasting edge featuring carbide tips and anti-kickback design. These bits can withstand even the heaviest work load and still give you a smooth, precise cut every time.

Look for the USP (under-sized plywood) designation for making rattle-free dadoes for 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" under-sized plywood dimensions.

Bits with shear have angled cutting edges to provide a slicing action rather than chopping for a smoother cut with minimal chipping. They work especially well for edge joints and dadoes in difficult hardwoods.

SAFETY NOTE: Never use damaged or worn bits. Always work at the proper feed rate without forcing the bit. Never cut more than half the bit diameter in one pass. For example, on a 3/8" diameter bit, maximum cut depth should be no more than 3/16" in one pass. Use multiple passes for greater depth. Bits are not warranted for CNC use.



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