The DadoRight™ jig and your router is the simplest way to make perfect fitting dados and grooves every time.  The system uses a pivoting baseplate and a router. One side of the movement is limited by a fixed stop and the other side is controlled by an adjustable set plate. A perfect dado is easily made by setting the set plate, moving the DadoRight™ along a guide clamp (not included) while simultaneously holding the router against the fixed stop. At the end of the first cut, the router is pivoted against the set plate and drawn back towards the operator. The travel of the DadoRight™ is controlled, and no matter how many passes are used to clean the cut, the final product is a great fit simply and easily.  Fits most brands of clamps.  If you already have the TrueTrac System, we have a version just for you!

Our most frequently asked question?  Why did you make it out of plastic?  Answer: We DID choose to make it from HDPE for the simple reason that if you ever make the mistake of lifting the router before it has stopped (You would never!), would you rather pay $18.95 for a replacement plate or own a destroyed $99+ aluminum version?

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$18.95 $132.88

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