Woodline USA Longworth style chucks are manufactured in the USA and feature strong grabbing non-marring jaws and a smooth adjustment mechanism. As the front and back discs are rotated, the jaws move in and out automatically centering your project on the chuck. CNC cut phenolic material and precision hardware ensure years of performance.

 Woodline USA’s Longworth chucks are designed to be used with a standard self centering lathe chuck (not included). It can be quickly removed from the lathe without removing the existing chuck or having to change hardware. Projects can be grabbed from the inside or the outside.

 Longworth style chucks are designed for light cutting at low speed. They should not be rotated at high speed. Chuck size refers to the diameter of the phenolic disk. Longworth style chucks come with written and DVD instructions. 

While the chuck size that you use can make a difference, in general, the minimum and maximum sizes for projects are:

 Longworth Size Outside Grip Capacity Inside Grip Capacity
10" 4.5" to 8" 6.5" to 10"
12" 4.5" to 10" 6.5" to 12"
14" 4.5" to 12" 6.5" to 14"
16" 4.5" to 14" 6.5" to 16"
20" 6.5" to 18" 8.5" to 20"
24" 6.5" to 22" 8.5" to 24"

 Replacement grippers and bolts are available. Use the Thin Rim Kit to elevate sharp rimmed items above the chuck.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery for the 20" and 24" Longworth Chucks.




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