The original and still the best!  Make high precision joints for drawers, boxes and furniture easier than ever with the Woodline USA Route-R-Joint™ System. Half blind, Through, Keys, and even Heart shaped dovetails are simple to create using the new Route-R-Joint™ system. Interchangeable guide templates allow switching from heart shaped joints to dovetails in less time than takes to change a router bit. Both amateur woodworkers to skilled professional craftsmen will appreciate and enjoy the simplicity of use, safety and ease of the Route-R-Joint™ System. No complicated setups, no re-learning complicated steps. Simply put the bit in the jig and PRESTO! Perfect Joints Every Time. Our system, including the precision spiral bit, is made in the USA! We make our double-sided templates in-house from flexible HDPE for superior performance.

Basic Route-R-Joint system™ comes with NDS (New Heart/New Wave) and LPS (Locks/Pin & Crescent) double-sided templates, the spiral bit, instructional DVD and necessary bushings.

The Complete Route-R-Joint system™ comes with all 8 double-sided templates, through, half-blind and 3/4" dovetail templates and specialty bushings and bits required.




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