Amana Carbide Tipped Dado 8 Inch Dia x 24T ATB/FT -5 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Dado Set
Dadoes (cross-grain cuts) and grooves (cuts with the grain) are cut efficiently on the table saw with a dado stack set. Unlike a wobbler, a stack set produces a flat-bottom cut with chip-free edges. Amana Tool® makes dado stack sets for every machine and every type of woodworking material. The standard width capacity ranges from 1/8" to 13/16". Additional chippers may be purchased separately to expand the capacity beyond 13/16". The standard set, regardless of diameter or tooth count, consists of two outside saw blades and four inside chippers. The outside blades feature hollow-ground plates for proper clearance, and alternate top bevel (ATB) grind with every sixth tooth flat ground (FT).

For plywood and melamine, the sets with 46-tooth outside blades are recommended.

Teeth refers to the number of teeth for each outside saw blade.

CMT Carbide Tipped Dado 8 Inch Dia x 12T ATB/FT -12 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Dado Set

CMT thoroughly researched the shortcomings of "standard" dado sets and learned what cabinetmakers required most from an "ideal" dado. The result was the precision dado, designed with the following features:
-Anti-kickback design to reduce the possibility of overfeeding that can occur when cutting mass material.
-Splinter resistant cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and soft and hardwood.
-Four two-tooth chippers measuring 3,2mm (1/8") to keep the cut flat and virtually free from tear out.
-One two-tooth chipper measuring 1,6mm (1/16") to keep the cut flat and virtually free from tear out.
-Shim sets included for cuts between 6,35mm (1/4") & 20,63mm (13/16").
-Ideal for underpowered saws.


Safety precautions: always use both outside blades. Carbide teeth should never come into contact with each other.




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