These carbide-tipped router bits are designed specifically for the finishing of rough stock and the leveling of uneven material. Can be used on CNC Machines to router sleds. Perfect for large dadoes or tenon cutting. Produces a clean smooth, flat bottom with true sides. Perfect for resurfacing on CNC and can be used for slotting and rabbeting. Carbide tipped.

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Dado/Planer Router Bit WL-1394-2 1-3/4" Dia w/5° Eased Edge, 5/8" Cut Length, 1/2" Shank Woodline USA


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  • I've been using your WL-1394-1 and WL-1394-2 surface planers with satisfactory results . How does the 45527 4-flute compare?

    The 45527 is only better at heavy roughing passes because it has a hollow center and spaced-out cutter heads that allow for heavy passes.
    Life of bit will not be any different.

  • Will any of these be of use on hard maple work bench top (3”x 3”x 8’) machine dimensioned that has been face glued and needs to be flattened at edges after glue up?

    The WL-1394-2 would ensure that you would not have a ridge from the edge of the bit between passes and should give you the smoothest, flat result.

  • Does the 1394-2 give the smoothest surface

    It is the one that won't give lines between passes if your jig isn't perfectly level.

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